About Pipekit

Pipekit is the control plane for Argo Workflows. Platform teams use Pipekit to manage data & CI pipelines at scale, while giving developers self-serve access to Argo. Pipekit's unified logging view, enterprise-grade RBAC, and multi-cluster management capabilities lower maintenance costs for platform teams while delivering a superior devex for Argo users. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at

Pipekit is a flexible, scalable, and secure control plane that makes it easy to deploy and scale data pipelines of any size

Pipekit architecture

Pipekit deploys an agent to a Kubernetes cluster alongside the Argo Workflows deployment. This allows users to "bring their own clusters" and retain control over their compute, cluster security, and data privacy. Pipekit also enables integration with your logging stack for self-hosted logs storage.

The control plane is hosted by Pipekit and communicates with the Pipekit agent via a queuing system. Contact us to learn more about Pipekit's deployment architecture, or inquire about self-hosted deployment options.

Argo Workflows Support

Pipekit’s team of Argo experts also provide professional support for companies already using Argo Workflows. Pipekit's Argo contributors help platform teams optimize pipeline performance, squash upstream bugs, and make faster technical decisions. Learn more at

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