Pod Logs

Clicking the Logs tab allows you to see all the logs generated by the pods created during your workflow run.

Downloading Pod Logs

Click the Download button to download the logs for the run. This will download a text file containing logs that conform with both your filter and search criteria.

Filtering Logs

By default, you are shown only the main container logs for each pod running in your workflow. You can click the Filter button to include other container logs. You can also choose individual pods to view.

Searching Logs

Enter a string in the search box and press enter. This will filter the logs to only show logs that contain the string you entered.

Viewing Logs

In order to help make log analysis more efficient, Pipekit automatically helps identify errors by coloring the logs. Log lines that look to be an error are highlighted with a red bar on the left hand side.

Similarly, warnings are highlighted in orange.

Log Resource Selector

Pipekit supports the Argo Workflows log resource selector as described in this example. By applying this label to Kubernetes resources, logs from these resources will be displayed within Pipekit.

Log Retention

Pipekit stores logs for 1 year. Logs older than 1 year are automatically deleted. If you wish to use a custom log retention period, consider bringing your own logging solution and integrating it with Pipekit.

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