Pipekit Agent

About the Pipekit Agent

The Pipekit Agent is a small application that runs within your Kubernetes cluster. It acts as the conduit to Pipekit's API, allowing you to run Argo Workflows from your local machine or through a Git repository.

The Pipekit Agent triggers Argo Workflows based on the configuration you set in Pipekit. It also sends the status of the Argo Workflow back to Pipekit, allowing you to see the status of your workflows in the Pipekit UI. Optionally, the Pipekit Agent can also send the logs of your Argo Workflows to Pipekit.

Pipekit Agent Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

An SBOM for the Pipekit Agent is embedded within the container image in SPDX format. Further information is available on the SBOM page.

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