Run Graph (DAG)

You can view a DAG for your workflow that updates as your workflow runs.

The toolbar offers a few options for viewing the DAG:

  • Horizontal/Vertical Layout - Allows you to change the layout of the DAG.

  • Zoom Out - Allows you to zoom out of the DAG.

  • Zoom Reset - Resets the zoom level of the DAG.

  • Zoom In - Allows you to zoom in on the DAG.

  • Faster render - Shows the DAG using a faster, but less pretty renderer.

  • Toggle Artifacts - show/hide artifacts in the DAG.

  • Collapse All Nodes - Collapses all nodes in the DAG.

  • Expand All Nodes - Expands all nodes in the DAG.

If you click on a node in the DAG, you can see all parents and children of that node.

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