Pipekit Workflow Metrics

Uncover the deep insights into your Argo Workflows and Kubernetes environment and gain real-time insights into your system's health... for free!

Sign up

To get started with Pipekit Workflow Metrics, sign up for a free account at Pipekit. You will be prompted to create an Organization and a Cluster. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the Pipekit Agent on your Kubernetes cluster.

Once connected, you should start to see metrics flowing into the dashboards at Pipekit.


The Pipekit Agent uses OpenTelemetry to collect metrics from your Kubernetes cluster. The metrics are sent to the Pipekit backend where they are sanitized, stored and retrieved for visualization.

We only collect metrics that are then shown in the Pipekit dashboard. We do not collect any other data from your cluster. You can view the OpenTelemetry configuration by inspecting the Pipekit Agent Collector configmap in your cluster.

Data Retention

Pipekit retains your metrics data for 10 days before destroying it. If you need to extend this period, please contact us through your Slack support channel or email

Existing Pipekit users

If you are an existing Pipekit user, contact us through your Slack support channel or email and we will enable the metrics feature for your existing cluster(s).

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