Pipekit Workflow Alerting lets you configure alerts for workflows through Slack or MS Teams integration. You can set alerts on specific workflow statuses such as QUEUED, RUNNING, FAILED or COMPLETED.

Alert providers are connected at the Organization level. For more information, refer to the Managing Alert Providers documentation.

Add Alert Rules

  1. Once you have connected an alert provider, click on Pipes from the Navbar to navigate to where you'll see a list of pipes.

  2. Select the pipe that you want to add alerts for. You'll be redirected to the pipe details page for your selected pipe.

  3. Click on the Alert Rules tab. You will be prompted to select your alert provider, workflow status such as QUEUED, RUNNING, FAILED, COMPLETED etc and a specific alert message of your choice.

Validate Workflow Alerts

  1. Head to your Slack or MS Teams workspace and find the channel you selected when your connected your alert provider to Pipekit.

  2. In that channel, you should see the alert that was added for your selected pipe.

  3. Validate the alert by clicking on the link in the alert where you can check the workflow's execution status on the Pipekit UI.

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