Creating an Organization

Go to the Orgs tab in Pipekit and click on the Create Org button. You will be prompted to enter an organization name and a description. Once you have entered the required information, click on the Submit button to create your Pipekit Organization.

Connecting your Organization to git

You will then be prompted to optionally connect your Organization to your your git provider. You can choose to connect to either GitHub or Gitlab. Connecting your Organization to git allows your users:

  • to create Pipes from workflow manifests stored in your git repositories;

  • to trigger pipe runs based on git events;

  • to submit and manage workflowTemplates via Pipekit.

You can choose to add all your repositories or specific repositories to your Pipekit Organization.


  1. Click the button for GitHub. It will lead you through the process to authorize Pipekit's GitHub App.

  2. When prompted by GitHub, select either, "All repositories" or select the list of repositories you would like to grant Pipekit access to using the dropdown.

  3. Click, "Authorize"


For Gitlab, you will need to create a Personal Access Token. We recommend creating a service account user in your organization on Gitlab that has access to any repositories that you want Pipekit to read from.

To connect Pipekit, click the button for Gitlab, input the Personal Access Token that you created, and click, "Submit"

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