Git account settings

You can use the settings tab to connect your git account to Pipekit or disconnect your github account from Pipekit.

For further information on connecting your git account to Pipekit, refer to the Connecting your Organization to git documentation.

Docker Registry Credentials (imagePullSecrets)

Your workflows may need to pull containers from a private docker registry. By inputting the credentials for your private docker registry into the Pipekit Org, you can ensure that your workflows can pull containers from your private docker registry without you having to manually add imagePullSecrets and to distribute them to your namespaces and clusters.

You can add multiple docker registry credentials to your Pipekit Organization You can also add multiple credentials for the same docker registry.

If you wish to create credentials for Docker Hub, leave the Server Address field blank.

At workflow runtime, Pipekit Agent creates a kubernetes secret in the namespace where the workflow is running. The secret is of type and starts with the username entered in the credentials field. The workflow then references this secret to pull images.

When the workflow completes, the secret is deleted.

Organization Info

You can rename the organization and modify the description of the organization here.

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